Benji's Rant to Meet a 600 Word Requirement

Benjamin Montross 01/27/2024

I have decided to read both articles as I didn't pay attention well enough I only read one. However, I am very happy I did so as I got to see views of a world with less of us and how we persist despite everything. To be honest, I have become a internet nomad myself even if in a different way. I found ways to take control of my view of the world so that I can feel comfortable with the place I am. Places like Discord are built around the idea that every user is a possible new avenue for monetization despite what a current user's view preferences and financial situation. They have the right to make money, but they have made it so that they have to take away our power as users and then resell it back to us. I am happy that enough people are willing to buy so that I may use discord and it's really good video calling/guild system, but that makes me less of a user that I am not comfortable being anymore.

When it comes to AI and any technology, the quantum fear is something only feared because the people who make my favorite things are afraid of the possibilities. I have been living unsure of myself for a while and have played some games that face those fears, so I have no reason to fear them. But when people perpetuate the horrible futures and ideas, I myself have to be afraid of losing my favorite things because people aren't ready for the future. I wish we can be better at not fearing the unknown and focus on collapsing them into the best future we can.

The old internet is a place that I never been to because all I had was a fire kindle my family shared and YouTube to watch the first generation of Minecraft content to come and go. However, I connected with the idea of my own page when learned that Neocities was a really good free hosting site with a bonus social media site on top of it. I made this site so that I can share some things I found so that anyone can empower themselves off of things that they may have never found easily. I also love it for practice of making a good cite and sure I wish I had PHP, but it's great and I don't need JavaScript to get what I want shared. It's one of my little things.

Is there anyone else who isn't afraid of the possibilities? Possibilities are something that can't really hurt you till they become reality, which only happens when we let them collapse to one that hurts us, despite at least one where the world is for the better. Is it because we can't bother or is our power to change the world gone from us? I'm pretty sure that I am making a better world by pursuing study. What about everyone else I have seen? I have known people who despite working so hard to make themselves are happy with their life if they die. I don't get why they just die then? Why not return to possibility and be everything and nothing till you are witnessed again? I am studying so that I may experience the world by making it the best world. I'm not gonna give myself to anyone just to grant no-one's dream. I would rather make the world better to grant my dreams as the center of my world. As long as I feel happy to see smiles on peoples faces, then I can meet the responsibilities of my freedom the world will give me.